Royal Foodstuffs is a food processing company – and we do not take that lightly! We take mindful actions in every stage of food processing Where in we focus on good farming practices, efficient production processes, mindful energy consumption and holistic waste management. Sustainable business practices are at the core of our organization which helps promote environmental responsibility, social responsibility, and economic growth.

We understand that it is important to respect and operate within the biological limits of natural resources. Our focus areas are:

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Control Food Waste & Minimize Pollution

Conserve Natural Resources Like Water

Practice Agro-sustainability In The Supply Chain

In our conscious approach to preserve and improve the environment, we are trying to implement processes that use 100% of the raw material with minimum losses and use of efficient water treatment methods to work towards zero discharge.

Sustainable Farming

For nutritious produce


Converting mango seeds into biomass briquettes as boiler fuel

Compost Fertilizer

F&V waste converted to compost for use as fertilizer


For developing side streams like extracting nutrients from fruit waste

Our manufacturing facilities and storage units are scaled to handle tons in volume. At Royal Foodstuffs, innovation does not stop at just world-class manufacturing units but also in our efficient methods of energy & water conservation.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

by becoming 100% LED efficient

Conserve Natural Resources Like Water

– Rain Water Harvesting

– Ground Water Recharge

– Recycle-Reuse the Process Water

Control Food Waste & Minimize Pollution

Practice Agro-sustainability In The Supply Chain